The SAIL Teaching Framework

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July 14, 2012


Teaching isn't simply the inverse of learning.  A theory of teaching is not the same as a theory of learning, though there's an obvious relationship.  The young student learns; this is a process largely under the student's unconscious control.  The teacher sets up the environment that allows the student to learn effectively.  The student cannot see what the teacher is really doing in this regard, that is why the student needs a teacher.  Ultimately, the student should become able to teach himself by learning, consciously and deliberately, from others.

There is such a thing as teaching.  Teaching is not training, though training can be a part of teaching.  Teaching is not coaching, though it can include coaching.  Teaching is not supervising, it is not facilitation, not managing learning resources, not providing services, not delivering curriculum, not just the inverse of learning.  It is its own activity, its own expertise, an expertise that happens to have student learning as an end goal.

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